On the evening before the wedding day I received a friendly skype call from them asking me if I could come to Topolsica Spa – Slovenia, where they were staying, take a few photos there and then, since they had some additional time before the ceremony organise a little trip across Slovenia to the Bled castle. “Please take us somewhere nice, let’s do something unusual and interesting – we totally trust your choice” they said and  I said SURE, lets do that! 🙂
I quickly wrote down all the beautiful places that I wanted them to see, made a few calls and went to sleep, since we started early in the morning.
And the day turned out to be a total success. After a few photos at their hotel, we jumped in the car and I guided them thru walleyes, across the hills and rivers to the beautiful mountain platoes, ful of dandelion flowers and spectacular views. Anouska and Maarten were touched by the beauty around them and they could very easily express love to each other. And that definitely can be seen on the photos that we created together.
After the ceremony at the castle, I prepared another surprise for them – summer tobogganing near Bled Lake. They were super-surprised & excited and could not wait to do it. We created a really unique, one of a kind wedding photos and some of them are displayed in this gallery. We concluded the day by visiting the island of Bled with friends and family and then joined others at the party at Vila Bled.
I am really happy that I was able to show the beauty of Slovenian landscape, create beautiful photos and all that in company of a such a warm and pleasant couple.
Matej Kolaković

“We are very happy to have had Matej as our photographer. He is very easy going, professional, and creative. We gave him carte blanch and he delivered!
He took us places that are not on the tourist map and we had lots of fun. Even the beginning of the day when we had to get used to the camera in our faces we had laughs. So it didn’t take us very long to get used to it.  We have the most beautiful photo album and are very thankful to him.”

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